Adastra Park -Turkey Oak

It is with regret and sadness that the Turkey Oak in Adastra Park (adjacent to skate park) has to be felled. The work will start w/c 30th September 2019 and is expected to take about a week.

This landmark tree, appeared to be strong and healthy and still will do at the time of its felling. However for some years, unbeknown to anybody, it has been decaying inside the trunk despite it appearing to be in good health.

In mid-June this year, fungal growth was observed around the lower trunk of the tree. Advice was sought from the RHS who identified the fungus growing on the tree as one that grows on decaying wood and so the process to discover what was wrong with this tree began.

An arboricultural consultant assessed the tree in situ, using the latest technology and discovered that the centre of the tree had decayed and being situated in a public park needed to be felled. Thanks to its sheltered position it had stood up far longer than if it had been in a more exposed location.

This news came as an awful shock to the Parish Councillors; that this majestic tree under whose shade people had sat, chatted and enjoyed picnics had to be cut down. There was no choice but to fell it once the full arboricultural report and risk assessments were received.

During the felling period access to certain areas of the park are likely to be restricted this could include the skate park, parts of The Garden of Remembrance, and some of the south field. However the felling of the tree can be watched from outside the safe zone.

No unauthorised person should enter any restricted area.

Just as HPC has been committed to the planting of street trees it is also committed to planting some more native trees in the Park and in particular to replace this special tree.

It is with great sadness that the Parish Council has had to authorise the felling of the Turkey Oak but for the safety of park users there is simply no alternative.

Parish Clerk
20 September 2019