Become a Local Councillor & Make a Difference!

HASSOCKS PARISH COUNCIL is calling on residents passionate about their community to consider becoming a Parish Councillor.

Local councils are at the forefront of community action; actively promoting schemes that will achieve real improvements locally. Working in partnership with other levels of local government and voluntary and community groups, parish councils can and do achieve a great deal.

Being a parish councillor is a very rewarding way of contributing to your community, and in particular making a difference to the way things get done locally. It need not involve a huge commitment, though it will require a certain minimum input, and the opportunities are abundant for those that have the desire to expand their knowledge of local matters and work together  with others making decisions and producing plans for the greater community benefit.

A local council has powers to provide many services to the community and also plays a vital role in overseeing, guiding and directing community activity by other groups. However unlike these groups a local council has legal status; is both financially and democratically accountable to the electorate; has the power to raise money through council tax, and members are subject to a code of conduct.

Whether this means improving local services such as litter collection and playgrounds or representing local views to other local authorities on such issues as car parking charges and planning applications – it is your local parish council that is the form of local government closest to the community.

Meetings of the parish council are open to the public so, as a first step, come along and listen to the debate. A timetable of forthcoming meetings, agendas and minutes of previous meetings are available at the parish offices or the council’s website.

If you would like to play a part in this valuable work and want to know more, please contact: Ian Cumberworth (Clerk),
Parish Centre, Adastra Park, Keymer Road, Hassocks, BN6 8QH.
Tel: 01273 842714 or

(Office hours 10am – 2pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 10am – 12pm)