Mid Sussex District Council have made modifications to their District Plan in response to recommendations by the Planning Inspector – Mr Jonathan Bore. The modifications include a proposed new Strategic Housing Site for 500 homes on Land to the north of Clayton Mills, Hassocks.

The choice of this site was one of a number of possible options considered by Mid Sussex.

Whilst the consultation is being conducted by Mid Sussex District Council all responses by members of the public will be sent to Jonathan Bore who will decide on the soundness of the modifications proposed by Mid Sussex.

Online Documents are available at www.midsussex.gov.uk/districtplan

Hard copies are available to view at the Hassocks Public Library and Hassocks Parish Office.

The specific document relating to the Strategic Site at Hassocks is Policy DP9b  contained in Document BP1b – Schedule of Main Modifications.

Other documents you might find helpful in formulating your response are

EP23a – Strategic Site Selection Paper update – which provides the report on the consideration of the strategic sites;

MSDC 22 – Consideration of Options to Strengthen the Five Year Supply –  which sets out the options the Council considered in response to the Inspector’s request to increase the five year housing land supply;

MSDC 24 – Implications of Main Mods on Ashdown Forest on the Strategic and Local Road Network – provides an update on the Mid Sussex transport modelling work.

Main Modifications Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment (both reports updated);

The documents can all be found by clicking on the individual links above.  Alternatively they can be found via the District Council webpage along with further information about the District Plan.

Responses to the consultation can be submitted via:
1. A secure e-form online
2. A paper version of the response form.  This can be downloaded here
or is available for collection from the Parish Office.
3. Email:  LDFconsultation@midsussex.gov.uk.
4. Post:
Mid Sussex District Council
Planning Policy
Oaklands Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 1SS

Comments will be accepted in writing.  All comments must be limited to the Main Modifications and the information that the Inspector is seeking.   The guidance note below should provide some assistance with the format and content.
Guidance Note is available to help fill in the form.

The Consultation is now open and closes on 13 November 2017

A background Briefing Note has been prepared by Hassocks Parish Council and can be viewed here.