Adastra Park Play Areas – Important Information

Hassocks Parish Council has worked hard to complete the play area improvements within Adastra Park and to put in place the Government guidance measures to open its play areas. It is anticipated they will be open  on or around the 6th August subject to the final safety inspections being concluded but will remain closed until this time.

The new play areas will have been safety inspected ahead of their opening, but we cannot guarantee that their hard surfaces will be coronavirus-free.

To allow everyone to enjoy the new play areas as safely as possible, the Council strongly advises that all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and other users by following the guidelines below. These rules are in addition to the normal rules of the play area.

Important Covid – 19 guidance for using the Adastra Park play areas:

  • Please ensure you maintain social distancing in line with current government guidance


  • If the play area is busy, please come back another time


  • Parents/adults should wipe down equipment before and after use


  • Please ensure only one adult enters the play area with their child/children


  • Please be considerate in the amount of time spent on equipment so others can use it


  • If a piece of equipment is taped off ,please do not use


  • If a piece of play equipment is being used that you wish to use, please queue whilst maintaining social distancing


  • Please ensure you and your child/children do not touch faces, put mouths on equipment or hands in


  • If you have to sneeze, please sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available


  • Please use hand sanitiser before and after using each separate piece of play equipment


  • No food or drink should be consumed within the play area


  • Please wash your hands after using the play equipment


  • Please place litter in the bins provided. If a bin is full please take your litter home.

Thank you for your co-operation in helping towards making the play areas safe for everyone to enjoy.

Parish Clerk 31.7.20