Hassocks Allotments


Hassocks Parish Council owns and maintains the Parklands Allotments in Hassocks.

If you are a Hassocks resident you can apply to the Parish Council to rent an allotment. There is a waiting list, but plots do become available.

If you have what it takes to turn unkempt ground into cultivated and productive land then why not apply for your name to be added to the waiting list?

The fee is currently £38.00 per year for half a plot and £19 per year for a quarter plot.

Included in the rental fee is membership of the Hassocks Allotment Holders Association (HA HA).

h aha
The Association was formed in 2008 to help allotment holders and to foster a sense of community.




  • Has secured a piped water supply for the allotments.
  • Planning permission for 40 sheds. represents the interests and concerns of allotment holders to the Parish Council Grounds Committee and participates in site inspections.  Bulk deliveries of compost.
  • Organises a yearly communal site clear up and bonfire. stages social events: annual barbecue or Sunday tea party.
  • Regular newsletter about allotment events.


An allotment requires commitment and the council, working in partnership with the Hassocks Allotment Holders Association, inspects the plots regularly to ensure that they are being used and maintained to an acceptable standard.

If you have what it takes to convert…

                            …this                                                            to this…

allotment image in hassocks         hassocks allotments

…you should apply for an allotment!

So, why not contact Hassocks Parish Council now with your name, local address and contact telephone number and start to grow your own food on your own allotment?