Parish Services

Owns and manages

  • The Adastra Park and its facilities
  • The Community Sports Pavilion
  • Talbot Fields open space in Hassocks
  • The Parklands allotments
  • A burial ground and landscaped Memorial Gardens


  • And maintains bus shelters, seats and litter bins in the village
  • Litter collection and some street cleaning
  • Hanging baskets and planting around the village to improve the visual amenity


  • Regular surgeries at the Parish Centre with District and County Councillors
  • A contact point for local residents to obtain help and information


  • Through its Planning Committee, to consider and comment on all planning applications within the Parish, to Mid Sussex District Council, who are the local planning authority
  • With West Sussex County Council over maintenance of some of the street lights (most of those on main roads are the responsibility of the County Council) and on local highways matters, including road marking, maintenance and traffic issues
  • With local groups and organisations to improve the village amenities