Completed Play Areas within Adastra Park

North Field Play Park

South Field Play Area



Thank you to everyone who attended the Play Area Consultation on 11 February 2020, it was lovely to see so many of you and to hear your thoughts.  Thank you also to those who participated in the Consultation via the website.   The responses are currently being analysed and an update will be posted in the near future.

For those of you who were unable to attend the Play Area Consultation you can view the proposed designs below.   These show the proposals for both play areas.


South Field

Design of South Field Play Area Proposal

North Field 

Design of North Field Play Area Proposal

Design of North Field Play Area Proposal


11 February 2020

Later this year (April – June 2020), Hassocks Parish Council is planning to upgrade the equipment in the existing children’s play area (North field) and to create a new area for older children near the skate park. (South field)

The Council has recently undertaken a tendering exercise and identified a preferred supplier who has produced the proposed designs for both play areas. As part of the process, residents and local school pupils are being invited to a consultation event to view the proposed designs in more detail and to share their thoughts by completing a short questionnaire.

The consultation event is to be held on Tuesday 11 February 2020 between 3 pm and 7 pm in the Schering Suite, Downlands School, Dale Avenue, Hassocks BN6 8LP.

The results of the consultation feedback will be used to inform the final designs.

More detailed images of the proposed designs will also be available to view online from 11 February along with a downloadable copy of the questionnaire.


13 July 2019

Children of all ages gathered on Saturday 13 July 2019 to celebrate the opening of the new Hassocks wheelpark.

Actual Riboon Cutting    ribbon cutting

kids jez

Funded by the Parish Council and contributions from developers, the £100,000 facility was officially opened by Chairman of the Parish Council, Ian Weir, and young local resident and skater, Lola Cohen Hamilton, who cut the ribbon. Developers of the skate park, Bendcrete, and Jez Malet local skateboard coach, organised prizes and give-aways for competitions and also gave demonstration as experienced skateboarders.

bencrete boarders   Skateboarders

Commenting on the event, Ian Weir said “It was great to see the park attracting whole families coming to watch the youngsters enjoy themselves and it’s really good to receive so many positive comments about the improved wheelpark, which has been 5 years in the planning”.

Skate park pic

The skate park is one of the projects that the Parish Council has delivered as part of the Adastra Park Masterplan, which includes improvements to play for all age groups, improvements to the Garden of Remembrance, and a rain garden as well as changes to increase the opportunities for sport and exercise.


Week 9
All done and ready to use!
skate park construction turf final turf last turf

Week 8
First load of turf has arrived so very nearly finished – but not quite!

skate part construction 1

skate part construction picture skate part construction image skate part construction in hassocks skate part construction park

Week 7
Almost there! Turf arriving shortly to cover the bunds (earth mounds) around the ramps.

skate part construction image skate part construction show skate part construction view skate part construction image 2 skate part construction image 3 skate part construction skate part construction image 4 skate part construction skate part construction image 5 skate part construction image 6 skate part construction image 7

Week 6
The ‘quarter pipe’ and some lovely polished surfaces it’s all moving on a pace!

skate part construction image 8 skate part construction image 10 skate part construction image 9

skate part construction image 12

skate part construction image 13 skate part construction

skate part construction image 14 skate part construction image 15

Week 5
More concrete shaped into the ‘volcano’, a ‘jump bump’, ‘flat bank and bowled corner’ and lastly the skeleton outline of the ‘quarter pipe’!

skate part construction image 16 skate part construction image 17 skate part construction image 18 skate part construction image 19 skate part construction image 20

skate part construction image 21
skate part construction image 22 skate part construction image 23

Week 4

Starting to look more like a skate park now with 2 more loads of concrete arriving and ramps appearing!

skate part construction image 24 skate part construction image 25 skate part construction image 26

skate part construction image 27 skate part construction image 28

skate part construction image 29 skate part construction image 30


Week 3
The concrete has arrived!

skate part construction image 40 skate part construction image 41 skate part construction image 42 skate part construction image 43 skate part construction image 44

Week 2
Works progressing!

skate part construction image 45 skate part construction image 46skate part construction image 47   skate part construction image 48








skate part construction image 49                         skate part construction image 50


Week 1
Marking out the footprint

Marking out the footprint Marking out the footprint 2

Marking out the footprint 3 Marking out the footprint 4



Following the consultation period Hassocks Parish Council is pleased to announce the award of the new Skate/wheelpark contract to Bendcrete Leisure Ltd.

A timetable and works schedule will shortly be agreed with the company.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation.

The chosen design is featured below:


skate park


Come along to a public consultation where you can view and comment on the design proposals for the new Skate Park in Adastra Park.   Everyone is welcome!

Monday 7th January 2019
between 3pm and 7pm

The Schering Suite
Downlands Community School
Dale Avenue, Hassocks, BN6 8LP

                                     skate park shot

We look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts .  Your input will help to shape the final design which will be built in 2019.


Since the consultation event in May much work has been going on behind the scenes to progress improvements to the park, using the Park Masterplan as our guide.

Garden of Remembrance
The Garden of Remembrance had the greatest support from the consultation responses and it is this that is currently being implemented and is ongoing. At the consultation we asked for volunteers to work on the Garden and as a result we now have a keen pool of dedicated people who have been tidying up borders, pruning trees and cutting hedges and grass to prepare the area for the next stage of the work which will involve planting borders and improving the pathways. The fact that members of the community are involved and taking ownership is excellent.

We hope those of you who use and appreciate the Garden are noticing the improvements already.

Rain Garden (South Field)
As well as providing a way of mitigating heavy rainfall the Rain Garden will also incorporate natural play value.

Work is due to commence in November and local company ‘Garden Sage’ has kindly offered to donate plants and design the planting scheme. Thereafter the area will be maintained by HKD (Hassocks, Keymer and Ditchling) Transition. We are very pleased to be working in partnership with HKD Transition who is overseeing the project and we appreciate this generous contribution from Garden Sage.

At the meeting of the Grounds and Environment Committee on the 25th October 2018, Members authorised funds for procuring a project manager to oversee the delivery of the wheelpark. The project manager will also support any appropriate community consultation on the design elements of the wheelpark. Once the project manager is appointed the Council will go out to tender to secure the most suitable contractor to deliver the facility.

We are aiming for completion of the new facility by the summer of 2019.

Older Children’s/Teen Play area
Once the wheelpark contractor starts to submit designs we will have a clearer idea of the footprint, or space the wheelpark will take up. The next phase of developing the area around the wheelpark/skatepark can then be addressed. In all conversations with potential suppliers and project managers, this area around the wheelpark has been discussed and additional ideas sought. Our aim with this area is to see it developed by the summer of next year or the spring of 2020.

We will provide another update, when tangible changes have taken place or are imminent in not just the above, but in other areas of the park.

Hassocks Parish Council would like to thank everyone who completed the survey on the Adastra Park Masterplan. Much interest was shown by those who visited the Parish Council stand at the May Day event where the Masterplan was on display.   Many questions were asked about the proposals and the event provided a really valuable opportunity for Councillors to engage with the community.

In excess of 380 survey responses were submitted including 160 from the pupils of The Windmills Junior School.

The overwhelming response supported the vision for the park and many ideas were forthcoming from those who completed the survey. Pleasingly, a number of people have also volunteered to assist with improving the Garden of Remembrance.


Some great news is that, since the consultation the Parish Council has received confirmation that it has been successful in a bid to secure external funding from developer contributions (s106).  A total of £75,000 has been awarded from Mid Sussex District Council towards the skate/wheel park which will now enable the progression of this part of the project. Thank you, Mid Sussex!

The Council is in the process of prioritising other areas of the Plan, drawing on the suggestions and outcomes of the Consultation. The next stage is to explore the feasibility of various options with suppliers.


Updates on the progress of this project will be posted on the Parish Council website,, which also feeds posts to its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Email may also be used to send updates to those who have provided email addresses for this purpose.  Please do let the staff at the Parish Office know if you would like your email address to be added to this list by emailing:

May 2018


Adastra Park is a real asset to Hassocks Parish Council and to the community as a whole.  The Parish Council is keen to ensure that the facilities in the Park meet the needs of a changing and growing community.  Therefore with this in mind, a “Masterplan” has been drawn up with a range of proposed improvements to make Adastra Park a Park for All.  

The Parish Council is seeking the views from as many members of the community as possible through a Public Consultation.  The Consultation is running from Monday 7 May, for a six week period, until Monday 18 June 2018, please view the proposals.  THIS CONSULTATION IS NOW CLOSED.

However, the MASTERPLAN proposals can still be viewed online by clicking the link.




The Garden of Remembrance in Adastra Park was created by Edward Stafford, who donated Adastra Park to the Parish Council.  Edward Stafford’s eldest son, The Frederick John Ewart Stafford (known as Ewart) was killed in the First World War, and the Garden of Remembrance was to commemorate Ewart and other comrades from the village.  Further information about the history of the Adastra Garden of Remembrance and other War Memorials in Clayton and Keymer can be found here.

The Parish Council would very much like to initiate a plan to refresh this special area and to provide ongoing maintenance and care.  Therefore it is hoped that it might be possible to create a team of volunteers who would be prepared to roll up their sleeves and help to bring this beautiful garden back to full glory.

If you feel you might be able to give your time even for just a couple of mornings per year, please let the Parish Office know by completing a VOLUNTEER FORM and dropping it into the office (address as above) or emailing at

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