Adastra Park Project Update June 2020

Since the consultation event in May much work has been going on behind the scenes to progress improvements to the park, using the Park Masterplan as our guide.

Garden of Remembrance
The Garden of Remembrance had the greatest support from the consultation responses and it is this that is currently being implemented and is ongoing. At the consultation we asked for volunteers to work on the Garden and as a result we now have a keen pool of dedicated people who have been tidying up borders, pruning trees and cutting hedges and grass to prepare the area for the next stage of the work which will involve planting borders and improving the pathways. The fact that members of the community are involved and taking ownership is excellent.

We hope those of you who use and appreciate the Garden are noticing the improvements already.

Rain Garden (South Field)
As well as providing a way of mitigating heavy rainfall the Rain Garden will also incorporate natural play value.

Work is now complete and local company ‘Garden Sage’ has kindly donated the plants and designed the planting scheme. The area will be maintained by HKD (Hassocks, Keymer and Ditchling) Transition. We are very pleased to be working in partnership with HKD Transition who has overseen the project and we appreciate this generous contribution from Garden Sage.

It was completed the summer of 2019 and is being much utilised and has proved to be a very popular area of Adastra Park.

Older Children’s/Teen Play area
The next phase of developing the area around the wheelpark/skatepark will begin summer 2020. In all conversations with potential suppliers and project managers, this area around the wheelpark has plans which are now in place. Our aim with this area is to see it developed by the summer of 2020.

We will provide another update, when tangible changes have taken place or are imminent in not just the above, but in other areas of the park.