Cancellation Of Mobile Refuse Collections

Mid Sussex District Council have notified Towns and Parishes that the Mobile Refuse collections which were suspended earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, have now been ceased permanently.   The decision to cease the provision of this service was supported by the following information:

  • Mobile Civic Amenity collections do not allow for waste to be kept separate and recycled or reused; therefore, not meeting the objectives of the waste hierarchy which was incorporated into UK law via the Waste Regulations (England and Wales) 2012.
  • The waste collected at the Mobile Civic Amenity Site can be removed from households using other services; including the MSDC bulky waste service and garden waste collection service.
  • There are two Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) within Mid Sussex, where residents can also dispose of any additional waste items. Enforcing social distancing measures at temporary sites is difficult and MSDC need to ensure the services provided can be controlled to support Government guidance. This is not possible with the Mobile Civic Amenity Sites.

The links below provide more information on additional services available for you to dispose of your waste.

Bulky Waste: 

Garden waste service:

Household Waste Recycling Sites:

Alternatively if you wish to speak to someone about any of these services or other waste collection matters, the MSDC Waste Management Team can be contacted on 01444 477440.

Ian Cumberworth

Parish Clerk