HASSOCKS PARKING SCHEME Stage 2 – Approved by West Sussex

West Sussex County Local Committee gave final approval to the Stage 2 scheme on 12 November 2019. The Scheme will improve traffic flows through the creation of passing places and reduce thoughtless and inconsiderate parking in a number of heavily used and narrow roads in Hassocks. It also upgrades single yellow lines to double yellows on a number of junctions and bends with restricted visibility. Importantly the loss of parking spaces has been kept to an absolute minimum in order to avoid any significant displacement to adjacent roads.

This stage of the scheme has been community driven and strongly supported by the Parish Council and has evolved over the last 18 months through two consultations and follow up surveys in the affected roads.  Whilst the scheme has passed approval largely intact a number of restrictions ‘banning parking for 1 hour during the day’ were removed to satisfy an objection from Mid Sussex District Council who have recently identified that they have limited resources available for parking enforcement.

The revised scheme – omitting the removed restrictions from Highlands Close, North Court, Semley Road and part of Woodsland Road can be found by clicking here.

Parish Council chairman Ian Weir said “Little did I realize back in 2013 when we conducted the first village wide survey how long it would take to get to this point. It was only through the Parish Council taking the unusual step of sponsoring the second stage of the scheme that the original community led proposals have now been largely achieved. Also – I want to thank, local resident, Sally Booker who has done an amazing amount of work in support of this project and our County Councilor Kirsty Lord who has argued in support of the scheme within West Sussex.”

It is anticipated that implementation of the Stage 2 scheme will take place during 2020.