Hassocks Parish Council is supporting The Mid Sussex Times campaign to ‘Keep Mid Sussex Green’.

Supporting MPs, Councillors and communities in their fight for fair and sustainable levels of development in the district.

“Hassocks Parish Council strongly supports the Middy’s campaign to fight for fair and sustainable levels of development in Mid Sussex.

We think that Mr Jonathan Bore’s report has failed to give fair and balanced consideration to the strong case put forward by Mid Sussex DC. He is pursuing the Holy Grail of Government Housing Targets at all costs and at the expense of the quality of life of our communities.

He has simply ignored issues relating to the strains on existing infrastructure, particularly roads and school provision.

He discounts our Neighbourhood Plans and does not seem to understand the essential role they have played in the Draft District Plan.

Hassocks Parish Council and the local community has invested a huge amount of time and effort in the preparation of our Neighbourhood Plan. We think it strikes a reasonable balance between the need for development and the need to preserve the amenities of our village. If the housing targets proposed by Mr Bore were to be accepted Hassocks would be forced to take at least twice the number of new homes that our studies have shown to be the maximum to be environmentally acceptable. This cannot be right.
We hope this report is rejected.”