Grounds & Environment Committee



To: All Members of the Grounds & Environment Committee (Kate Bailey, Jane Baker, David Bunting, Kristian Berggreen, Leslie Campbell, Frances Gaudencio, Bill Hatton, Sue Hatton, Angus Neil and Alex Simmons) with copies to all other Councillors for information.

cc. Richard Higgs

A meeting of the GROUNDS AND ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE will be held on Wednesday 22 March 2023 at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre, Adastra Park, Hassocks.

Parish Clerk – 15 March 2023



3. MINUTES. To accept the Minutes of the Grounds and Environment Meeting held on 1 February 2022. (Previously Circulated)


5. OFFICER’S REPORT. (Appendix 1).

6. LIGHT UP HASSOCKS. Members are invited to consider a request from Hassocks Community Organisation for financial support towards the cost of the Light Up Hassocks event. (Appendices 2&3).

7. ADASTRA SKATEPARK. Members are invited to consider a request for a Skateboarding competition to be held on the Adastra Skatepark. (Appendix 4).

8. BURIAL GROUND FEES Members are invited to review and approve a further fee for Hassocks Burial Ground from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024. (Appendix 5).

9. KEYMER AND HASSOCKS CRICKET CLUB STORAGE. Members are invited to consider a request from KHCC to install additional storage behind the garage currently used by the club. (Appendix 6).

10. ADASTRA PARK MASTERPLAN. Verbal Update. Parish Clerk.

11. CORONATION OF KING CHARLES lll. Members are invited to consider any proposals to mark the Coronation of King Charles lll in May 2023.

12. FLOOD ACTION GROUP. Verbal Update. Cllr Frances Gaudencio.

13. PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY (PROW). Verbal update. Cllrs Ian Weir and Leslie Campbell.

14. URGENT MATTERS at the discretion of the Chairman for noting and/or inclusion on a future agenda.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Thursday 18 May 2023 at 7.30pm. Please note change of date.

Please Note:
All members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council and its Committees. Item 4 – a period of 15 minutes will be set aside for the public statements and questions relating to the published non-confidential business of the Meeting.

It may be necessary to consider particular items in confidential session and where this arises, these items will be considered at the end of the agenda.

FILMING, RECORDING OF COUNCIL MEETINGS AND USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. During this meeting members of the public may film or record the Committee and officers from the public area only, providing it does not disrupt the meeting. The Confidential section of the meeting may not be filmed or recorded. If a member of the public objects to being recorded, the person(s) filming must stop doing so until that member of the public has finished speaking. The use of social media is permitted but members of the public are requested to switch their mobile devices to silent for the duration of the meeting.

Appendix 1


To: Grounds & Environment Committee                    

Date: 22 March 2023

Contacts for this report: Deputy Clerk  

Subject: Agenda Item 5 Officer Report

1. The purpose of this report is to update the Committee on (G&E) Matters.

2. Hanging baskets. 26 traders have requested a hanging basket this year.

3. Street trees. To date 23 trees have already been requested which is the maximum number of trees funded within the Council budget. It is hoped that there may be further funding available through donations from individual residents and Hassocks Community Organisation who have historically been very supportive of the scheme.  However it is to be noted that the final number funded may also be impacted by any increase applied to the cost per tree by WSCC in April.

4. May Day Event 2023. Members are invited to note that for personal reasons Michelle Binks has regrettably had to cancel all plans for the proposed May Day event this year.

5. Benches. Two metal benches have been removed from the west of Ockley Lane, one at the top opposite Church Mead and one on the corner of the Quadrant. Both benches were in a very poor condition.  The Committee will be asked to consider replacing these benches in due course.

6. Swingo. The damaged piece of play equipment in the children’s play park has now been replaced under warranty.

Appendix 2


To: Grounds & Environment Committee                   

Date: 22 March 2023

Contacts for this report: Deputy Clerk                         

Subject: Agenda Item 6 – Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Background Information

1. Street Lighting in Hassocks is maintained by WSCC under a PFI scheme whereby the Parish pays maintenance and energy costs to WSCC who manage the scheme under their designated contractor. This contractor has changed over the years and the restrictions and requirements for attachments to the street lights have become more rigorous. The current contractor is Enervo.

2. Every year an application must be submitted by HPC to the lighting contractor for permission to attach festive lighting to the lamp columns. Amongst other requirements, this application must include information about the size, design and weight of each attachment.

3. Important information provided by contractor about the types of display that are not permitted:

  • Decorations strung between columns: for example, festoon or catenary decorations
  • Power taken from the top of street light to any trees (Possible Solution: The installation of a feeder pillar to connect the lights to.)
  • Oversized single motifs that exceed the columns capabilities: structural calculations will determine this
  • Power taken from the top of street lights to supply decorations mounted on buildings (Possible Solutions: With the building owners permission commando sockets could be installed on the exterior on the building

4. Hassocks PC has regularly reviewed the provision of Christmas Lights and potential options to expand this. The ongoing issue has been the lack of a power source for additional lighting, the relatively low building heights which do not allow banners to be strung across the street and cost.

5. At its most recent meeting, given the current financial situation the Committee agreed to remain with the current contractor who has offered to maintain the same level of lighting with no extra increase in cost for the next three years. The Council has two major projects running this year which require substantial expenditure and running costs have also increased substantially, therefore it was agreed that it would not be prudent to increase expenditure on a Christmas Lighting contract at this time.

6. The cost of the Festive Lights contract is currently £2890.00 plus VAT which includes supply, install, take down and maintenance of the 14 column light frames, storage, install and take down of the two owned frames and attendance on site during the Light Up Hassocks event.

  • 14 of the same design hired from contractor (Mounted on columns).
  • 1 dove owned by HPC (Mounted on column).
  • ‘Merry Christmas Hassocks’ owned by HPC (Affixed to wall outside of Hassocks Hardware).  All lights currently stored by Contractor.


1. In March 2016, at the request of the Light Up Hassocks Committee, Hassocks Parish Council agreed to take over the responsibility for the funding and organisation of the festive Lights in Hassocks. Previously this had been the responsibility of the Light Up Hassocks committee.

2. There were lights on 3 trees (London Planes) along Keymer Road; and in 2017 the council purchased a further set, at a cost of £700 net, which were installed on a tree outside of the URC Church. The lights on the London Plane were damaged in 2018 and the council were considering repairs, however all tree lights had to be dis-connected in 2019 due to the contractor changing the enforcement of regulation of attachments to lighting columns. All four sets were removed in 2020 at a cost of £750.

3. In 2020 the Council agreed to the complete refurbishment of the Merry Christmas Hassocks motif at a cost of £1,200 net.

Appendix 3

Light Up Hassocks (LUH) – Request for Support and Financial Assistance

Presented by: Erika Woodhurst-Trueman, Shaun Lee and Alison Cumberland


Light Up Hassocks is a festive community event run by volunteers on the first Friday of December annually for the benefit of residents and local traders. It is run as a not for profit event and any profits are ring-fenced to help cover costs the following year. A financial overview of income and expenditure for 2022 is provided at Annex A. The event takes place on Keymer Road between Knights Budgens and the mini-roundabout outside Profiles/Marchants.

In 2022 and 2021 we had substantial donations from large-scale developers building housing estates in the locale. We cannot rely on such donations and are continually seeking new sources of funding to bridge the gap likely to be left when those developers leave the area.

For 2023 we wish to make some significant changes to the event, tackle long-standing challenges and address feedback we have received from traders, stall holders and the public. It is for help to achieve these ambitions that we are approaching the Parish and District Councils. If we are successful we believe we will improve the event for residents and traders alike, as well as the experience for those visiting or residing in Hassocks during the festive season generally.

The key areas in question are lighting and waste management.


Matters regarding lighting for the event fall into three categories:

  • Christmas Lights
  • Additional Lighting for safety and improved footfall
  • ‘Happy Christmas Hassocks’ Light

Christmas Lights:

Feedback from residents and traders is that the lights are looking tired and are underwhelming. When compared to nearby villages we cannot help but agree. In prior years we had trees strung with lights, which when added to the Christmas Lights, made a better impression. Some years have passed since those were available and nothing has replaced them. We are asking the council to review what can be done to make a more attractive and festive impression. We understand the challenges that the council faces and are prepared to seek permissions from business owners/residents and public support to aid any amelioration.

Additional Lights:

There are pockets of darkness on the high street which even with additional lighting (hired in at extra cost for 2022) we were unable to significantly improve. These pockets of darkness (approximately located outside and opposite the Infant School and on the Orion Parade strip of Keymer Road) make it hard to trade in these areas. Indeed some traders specifically request not to be placed in these locations because it is harder to work there and because customers do not like to linger in these areas. The outcome year after year is that these areas shut down early, which results in the event splitting into two separate zones (above and below the Infant School), undermines the atmosphere and speeds the overall closing down of the night. On this we are asking the council to assist us by providing funds to enable us to select and fund the hire of suitable flood lighting solutions. Sample quotes for two different options are provided in Annex Bi for reference.

‘Happy Christmas Hassocks’ Light:

We would like the council to consider funding a further Christmas light in addition to the one that is located at Hassocks Hardware. This to be located on the huge, blue, wall space between 40 and 40a Keymer Road if the relevant permissions can be obtained. Again, the LUH team is very happy to assist here, and as regards the design of the light. This site can be seen right from the top of the high street and would have a great, welcoming impact for those visiting and shopping in Hassocks.

Funding to cover the cost of running this light during December would also be welcome.

Waste Management

This year we are determined to make Light Up Hassocks a more environmentally responsible event.

We will be asking all traders to avoid plastics and to supply recyclable/compostable/biodegradable products, packaging and containers.

In turn, as the event organisers, we need to make it easy for attendees to dispose of waste responsibly by providing not only general waste wheelie bins, but also recycling wheelie bins.

In previous years the council provided a morning street sweep and some extra bins. This has not been available for some time and the LUH team has had to source bins and ask locals to help litter-pick. Costs for general waste bins last year were prohibitive and we do not believe we will be able to cover them based on our estimate of the number needed to achieve our environmental aim.

In this regard we are asking the council to support us by helping us to cover the costs of these bins and the disposal of the waste, or to provide the service within the terms of existing council contracts.

We estimate that 6 waste bins and 6 recycling bins would be sufficient if used properly. Sample quotes are provided in Annex Bii for reference.

Annex A

Financial Summary Light Up Hassocks 2022

Balance b/f (transferred from Sussex Vale Rotary) 2229.66
Income 2022

Expenditure 2022



Profit exc b/f 1248.14
Profit inc B/F 3477.80


Income Breakdown £
Brought Forward

Stall fee





Total Income 6685.18


Expenditure Breakdown £








Total Expenditure 3207.38


Annex Bi

Additional Lights

Quote: Merlin

Installation of 50w LED high-mounted flood lights to the two lamp columns either side of Hassocks Infant School –

£165.00 per column +VAT = £330

Total: £396

This includes a splitter so that the Christmas motif and the flood lamp can remain illuminated at the same time

Quote 2 – Brandon Hire

£257 + VAT including fuel and delivery/collection.

Total: £308.40

Deposit of £500 required.

Total upfront payment of £808.40.

They only accept card payment.

Logistical challenges:

  • hire is for 1 week so the tower will need to be delivered to and collected from a safe address
  • movement of the tower to/from that safe address – needs to be towed using an appropriate vehicle and hitch
  • additional insurance cover required

Annex Bii

Waste Quotes inclusive of delivery, removal and waste disposal.

Quote 1: GS Clearance Ltd

12 x 240 Litre wheelie bins (6 general waste and 6 recycling)

= £360+vat

Total: £432

Quote 2: Divert Waste Ltd

Delivery of the bins = £230 +VAT

Removal of the bins = £230 +VAT

Cleaning of each bin = £3.50 +VAT

6 x 240 Litre (General Waste) (10KGs) Collected = £ 9.15 + vat per empty.

6 x 240 Litre (Mixed Recycling (Paper Card Plastic Cans)) (10KGs) Collected = £ 6.85 + vat per empty.

= £598 +VAT

Total: £717.60

Surplus charges may apply if there is any of the following:

  • Excess waste and/or weight.
  • Extra contaminants not stated.
  • Please be aware there may be supplement charges for items not mentioned such as WEEE/electrical, clinical and hazardous.
  • Wasted journey charges may apply for any change of schedule or cancellation with less than 48 hours notice or any incorrect access times and/or restrictions not stated.

Appendix 4


To: Grounds & Environment Committee

Date: 22 March 2023

Contact for this report: Deputy Clerk

Subject: Agenda Item 7 – Skateboarding Competition

1. The purpose of this report is to invite the Committee to consider a request from the company trialling lessons on the skatepark to also hold a half day competition.

2. The information provided to date about the proposed event is:

  • It will be a half day event running from 10am to 1pm inviting anyone to enter to win prizes.
  • A small PA system will be used and music played.
  • It’s for all ages and lots of freebie’s to be given out to everyone.

3. Further details have been requested in line with the council’s requirements for the use of Adastra Park by Groups and Commercial Enterprises; which can be seen on the HPC website Conditions-of-use-of-Recreation-Grounds-July-2015.pdf (

4. Members are invited to consider if they are minded to agree in principal to the proposal for a skateboarding competition to be organised and held at Adastra Skatepark subject to all requirements being met.

Appendix 5


To: Grounds & Environment Committee

Date: 22 March 2023

Contact for this report: Deputy Clerk

Subject: Agenda Item 8 – Burial Fees

1. The purpose of this report is to invite the Committee to approve an increase in the fee to purchase a plaque on the Memorial Wall. This fee was not reflected on the Burial Fees for 2023-24 as agreed at the meeting of the Grounds & Environment meeting on 1 February 2023.

2. The increase is calculated using the same 10% increase in CPI between September 2021 and September 2022 as applied to all other Burial Fees.

3. OFFICER RECOMMENDATION. Members are recommended to approve the proposed Burial Ground Fee as shown below to be applicable from 1 April 2023.

Hassocks Burial Ground Current Fees
April 2022
Proposed changes

Increase by CPI Increase Sept 21 to Sept 22 – 10%

NORTH SECTION Memorial Wall area  
To purchase a plaque on the Memorial Wall £33.00 £36.00


Appendix 6


To: Grounds & Environment Committee

Date: 22 March 2023

Contact for this report: Deputy Clerk

Subject: Agenda Item 9 – Cricket Club Storage

1. The purpose of this report is to invite the Committee to consider a request from Keymer and Hassocks Cricket Club to install additional storage to the rear of the garage that is used by the club in Adastra Park – south of the Groundsman’s garage.

2. The Club is happy to assist with clearing the vegetation and debris which is currently behind the garage and is looking to lay a 2m x 3m concrete base. The storage would primarily be to store the club’s Bar-b-que alongside some less regularly used kit. The club would cover all associated costs and carry out the work themselves.

3. Storage space within the pavilion is becoming increasingly limited and any moves to reduce the pressure on this would be welcomed.


4.1. Members are invited to approve in principle a request from Keymer & Hassocks Cricket Club to install additional storage to the rear of their garage on a base to a maximum size of 3.5 x 2.5m.

4.2. If Members are minded to approve the installation in principle, Members are invited to approve the Clerk managing the design of any such storage as an operational matter.



Minutes of the meeting of the GROUNDS AND ENVIRONMENT Committee held on Wednesday 22 March 2023 at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre, Adastra Park, Hassocks

Attendees: Councillors Jane Baker (Chair), David Bunting, Kristian Berggreen, Frances Gaudencio, Alex Simmons and Ian Weir.

In attendance: Ian Cumberworth – Parish Clerk.  Tracy Forte – Deputy Clerk.

: Erika Woodhurst-Trueman, Sean Lee, Alison Cumberland (Light Up Hassocks)

: Tom Johnston (Tic Tac Skate School)

GE22/88 APOLOGIES. Apologies were received from Cllrs Leslie Campbell, Bill Hatton and Sue Hatton.  Absent without apology were Cllrs Kate Bailey and Angus Neil.

GE22/89 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. There were no declarations of interest.

GE22/90 MINUTES. It was confirmed that Cllr Ian Weir had been present at the meeting held on 1 February 2023, however had been omitted from the record of attendees. It was therefore proposed and agreed that his name would be added as an attendee.

It was RESOLVED that subject to the amendment as agreed above, the minutes of the Grounds & Environment Committee meeting held on 1 February 2023 be signed by the Chair as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

GE22/91 The Chair proposed considering item 6, Light Up Hassocks, on the agenda at this point in the meeting which was fully supported by the Committee.

GE22/92 LIGHT UP HASSOCKS (LUH).  Members were invited to consider a report from Hassocks Community Organisation (HCO) who are organising the Light Up Hassocks (LUH) event in 2023.   The report was included as Appendix 3 in the agenda.

The Chair gave a short introduction noting that for many people this is a popular event and it is important that the Parish Council supports however it can.  However it is also important to be mindful that there is a need to be cautious with public money, and particularly in the current difficult economic climate. The Chair made the following observations:

  • Any potential improvements to the existing Christmas Lighting should be considered at a future meeting.
  • Any agreement at this meeting to provide additional funding would not necessarily demonstrate an annual commitment.
  • Any future requests need to be submitted prior to budget setting for the following financial year to allow for funds to be allocated as part of the budget.
  • HPC would like to see more recognition for supplying the lights and for any financial support provided towards the event. Historically HPC has rarely been credited for funding the Christmas Lights. Thanks should also be given to Hassocks Hardware for supplying the electricity for the Merry Christmas Hassocks motif.

The Chair noted that were the Parish Council to fulfil all the financial requests put forward in the LUH report the total expenditure, including the current lighting provision, would be in excess of £8,000 which is a very large sum of money.  She therefore made an initial suggestion of a donation of £1000 towards the cost of bins and additional lighting for the centre of the village based on the quotations provided by LUH.  This was put to the Committee for discussion.

Members were fully in favour of providing additional support to the event.  Members were also generally keen to see lights re-installed on the trees as it was fully agreed that these made a significant impact.  It was therefore agreed that this would be explored further by the Parish Office and reported back to the Committee at a future meeting for consideration.

Members supported the need to install additional lighting in the centre of the village for the LUH event and the possibility of having permanent flood lighting installed at the Infants School was suggested as an alternative to hiring temporary lighting.   It was acknowledged that funding could be an issue but it was felt that this would be worth exploring.

Members were also very supportive of providing funds to cover the cost of the hire of bins.

The Chair thanked the representatives from the LUH Committee for attending the meeting and invited them to address the committee if they had anything further they would like to add.

Erika Woodhurst-Trueman from the LUH committee started by recognising the goodwill being shown by the Committee both in this evening’s discussion and historically.  They are aware that the Council has received limited recognition in the past and confirmed that this would be addressed going forward.  EWT confirmed that the support of Hassocks Hardware had been acknowledged, and that this had been done primarily on the radio and through social media.

It was noted that any funding agreed would not necessarily signify an ongoing commitment.   EWT confirmed that HCO had a strong LUH team and that there would not be any expectation for HPC to take over running the LUH event in future years.  It was also noted that any future requests should be submitted prior to the budgets being set for the following year.

EWT confirmed she was happy to follow up the suggestion for the installation of permanent floodlights at the Infants School, however noted that even if the school was supportive of this proposal, assistance with funding is likely to be required.

Cllr Gaudencio asked if there was any feedback from the local businesses in Hassocks about Light Up Hassocks.  It was observed that that some shops decided not to open for the event. The LUH team confirmed that the feedback from local businesses was generally very supportive, and that many participated primarily for community engagement.

Summing up the matters discussed and the support indicated by the committee, the chair proposed making a recommendation to Full Council for a donation of £1,500 to be made to the Light Up Hassocks committee towards the cost of additional lighting and provision of bins for the LUH event in December 2023.

GE22/92.1 It was RESOLVED to RECOMMEND to Full Council the release of £1,500 from General Reserves to be granted to Hassocks Community Organisation – Light Up Hassocks Committee towards the costs of lighting and waste management during the event.

The three members of the LUH committee thanked the Council and left the meeting.

GE22/93 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. Tom Johnston from Tic Tac Skateschool introduced himself and gave a brief history of how Tic Tac Skateschool evolved.

GE22/93.1 The Chair thanked Tom for his candid presentation which was warmly welcomed.  She then proposed considering item 7 ahead of the Officer’s Report, which was fully supported by the Committee.

GE22/94 ADASTRA SKATEPARK. Members were invited to consider a request for a Skateboarding competition to be held by Tic Tac Skate School on the Adastra Skate Park. Tom Johnston had informed Members that the intention was to hold an annual skate boarding competition across four sites locally with the aim to encourage skateboarders to visit different skate parks and to move out of their comfort zone.  Participants would need to sign up for all four events.  The event could be run alongside the skate park being open to other users, or closed for participants only, depending on what the council preferred.

Members discussed the proposal and were supportive of a skateboarding competition being held by Tic Tac Skate School at Adastra Skate Park.  It was therefore proposed that Members approved the use of the Skate Park for a Skateboarding competition with conditions and fees to be managed by the Clerk.

GE22/94.1 It was RESOLVED to AGREE in principle to a Skate Boarding competition being held by Tic Tac Skate School.  This would be subject any conditions set being met and an agreed fee being paid.

Tom Johnston thanked the Committee for their consideration and left the meeting.

GE22/95 OFFICER REPORT.  There were no questions and the report was noted.

GE22/96 BURIAL GROUND FEES Members were invited to review and approve a further fee for Hassocks Burial Ground from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

GE22/96.1 It was RESOLVED to APPROVE the increase to the current Burial Ground Fee to purchase a plaque on the Memorial Wall from £33.00 to £36.00 in line with the increase applied to all other fees; to be applicable from 1 April 2023.

GE22/97 KEYMER AND HASSOCKS CRICKET CLUB STORAGE. Members were invited to consider a request from KHCC to install additional storage behind the garage currently used by the club.  Some concerns were raised regarding the security of any storage, and it was confirmed that KHCC were already aware of the need to be aware of ensuring any storage structure was secure.

GE22/97.1 It was RESOLVED to APPROVE the request from Keymer & Hassocks Cricket Club to install additional storage to the rear of their garage on a base to a maximum size of 3.5 x 2.5m; to be managed by the Clerk as an operational matter.


Tennis Courts. The Clerk provided an update on the improvement scheme to the Tennis Courts.

The Clerk confirmed that contracts have been received for signing, however they have been returned for amendment as they were incorrectly drafted in the name of Mid Sussex District Council.

Within the detailed specification, it had been identified that the proposed electronic gate to be installed was too small to enable existing HPC maintenance equipment to access the courts. The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) have therefore had to go back to the supplier to establish if a larger gate can be supplied. It’s understood this is possible but the LTA are now trying to establish if there would be any additional costs and if so whether these can be covered by the funds being allocated by themselves for the scheme.

Subject to these issues being resolved, negotiations to programme the commencement of the project can begin.

The timeline for starting the project will be reliant on the ground conditions within the park and the capacity of the contractor.

Members noted the update.

Drainage.  Cllr Frances Gaudencio enquired about the current situation with the drainage initiative.  The Clerk confirmed that the planned aeration of the ground had not been undertaken by the contractors last autumn due to the ground being too dry and therefore not suitable.  Unfortunately, the weather then turned very quickly and then the ground was subsequently too wet for the machinery and therefore this has not yet taken place.  It is anticipated that it may be possible to schedule this in later in the year.

The Clerk confirmed that no further money had been spent on the drainage project other than the initial consultation and survey.

GE22/99 CORONATION OF KING CHARLES lll.  Members were invited to consider any proposals to mark the Coronation of King Charles lll in May 2023.

The Chair reported that it had previously been agreed to install two new rose beds in the area to the east of the pergola and that work was due to start on this very shortly.  Therefore, it was suggested that these beds could be dedicated to the Coronation of King Charles lll with a plaque commemorating this.  Funds have already been allocated for these beds from the Garden of Remembrance Ear marked Reserves.

The Clerk also asked Members to refer back to the Officer’s report which noted that two benches had been removed along Ockley Lane.  Correspondence received by the Parish Office indicated that both benches were well used and that therefore a replacement of one or both benches would be much appreciated.  It was noted that the bench which was situated opposite the entrance to Church Mead was not in an ideal position for maintenance, however the area on the corner of the junction with The Quadrant was a good location for a bench.  Therefore it was proposed that a new wooden bench should be installed at this location to commemorate the Coronation.  It was confirmed that an engraved 5ft teak bench would cost in the region of £550 inclusive of VAT with an additional cost to install the bench of up to £250.

The Deputy Clerk and Clerk indicated that funds should be available for both costs within the allocated Seats and Pedestrian Environment budgets. It was confirmed that WSCC had given permission for a replacement bench to be installed on this site.

Members were in favour of both proposals.

GE22/99.1 It was RESOLVED to APPROVE the dedication of two new rose beds in the Garden of Remembrance to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles lll and that a suitable plaque would be installed to signify this.

GE22/99.2 It was RESOLVED to APPROVE the purchase of a 5ft Teak commemorative bench at a cost of up to £550 inclusive to be installed in place of the removed bench on the junction of The Quadrant/Ockley Lane.

GE22/99.3 It was RESOLVED to APPROVE the expenditure of up to £800 from the Seat and Pedestrian Environment Budgets if available.

GE22/99.4 In the event of insufficient funds being available in the above budgets, it was RESOLVED to RECOMMEND to Full Council the release of up to £800 from General Reserves for the purchase and installation of a Commemorative Coronation bench.

GE22/100 FLOOD ACTION GROUP.  Cllr Gaudencio informed the Committee that a meeting of the Flood Action Group was scheduled to take place the following evening and therefore at this stage there was nothing further to report.  Other than to inform the committee that unfortunately the WSCC representative with whom the group had established a very positive working relationship was now on long term sick leave, and it has proved difficult to make contact with the person covering him.  This is a setback for the group as the support and permissions of WSCC are crucial to progressing various elements of the flood mitigation proposals.

GE22/101 PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY (PROW). There was nothing to report.

GE22/102 URGENT MATTERS at the discretion of the Chairman for noting and/or inclusion on a future agenda.

Cllr Jane Baker noted that the ground under the kissing gate on the exit of Clayton Recreation Ground had become very waterlogged and required attention.  This was noted by the Deputy Clerk and would be reported to Mid Sussex District Council.

The Chair, Cllr Jane Baker, noted that this would be her last meeting as Chair of the G&E Committee as she would be stepping down from the Council in May.  She expressed her thanks to Vice Chair, Cllr David Bunting, for his support and to the Clerk and Deputy Clerk for their time and support in providing information and briefings in advance of the meetings and for the administrative support.  Cllr Baker also invited Members to recognise the efforts put in place by all HPC staff to ensure that the Council continued to operate safely and with as little disruption as possible throughout the pandemic, and expressed her thanks to all staff for this.

Cllr Baker thanked everyone on the current and previous G&E Committees for their support and contribution to the work of the Council, with particular reference to Cllr Gaudencio for her drive on the Adastra Park Masterplan and Cllr Bunting for enabling the new village sign to become a reality.

Cllr Gaudencio thanked Cllr Baker for her humorous approach and her efficiency in Chairing the G&E Committee and for her commitment to improving the garden of remembrance and for bringing together such an effective Volunteer group to instigate these improvements.  This was echoed by the Committee.

GE22/103 DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Thursday 18 May 2023 at 7.30pm.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.35pm.