Policy, Resources and Communications


To: All Members of the Policy, Resources and Communications Committee (Kate Bailey, Frances Gaudencio, Sue Hatton, Ian Weir and Frank Rylance ) with copies to all other Councillors for information

A virtual meeting of the POLICY, RESOURCES and COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE will be held on Tuesday 19 January 2021 at 19.30 hrs

Members of the public are encouraged to come to the meetings and there is an opportunity for them to address the Committee relating to the non-confidential items on the published agenda.

If you wish to attend, this virtual meeting please email the info@hassocks-pc.gov.uk before 6pm on 18th January to be sent an electronic invitation before 6.pm on the 19th January.

Ian Cumberworth   Parish Clerk

13 January 2021



To deal with any disclosure by Members of any disclosable pecuniary interests and interests other than pecuniary interests, as defined under Hassocks Parish Council’s Code of Conduct and the Localism Act 2011, in relation to matters on the agenda.


3.1 To accept Minutes of the Meeting held 17th November 2020 (previously Circulated).



5.1 COMMUNICATIONS – verbal update

5.2 BUSINESS PLAN – verbal update.


6.Urgent Matters at the discretion of the Chairman for noting and/or inclusion on a future agenda.

7. DATE OF NEXT MEETING 2nd March 2021

EXCLUSION OF PUBLIC AND PRESS In view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted Councillors will be referred to the Confidential agenda If any members of the public or press are present they will be requested to withdraw from the meeting.

Confidential matters



During this meeting members of the public may film or record the Committee and officers from the public area only providing it does not disrupt the meeting. The Confidential section of the meeting may not be filmed or recorded. If a member of the public objects to being recorded, the person(s) filming must stop doing so until that member of the public has finished speaking. The use of social media is permitted but members of the public are requested to switch their mobile devices to silent for the duration of the meeting.

Please Note
All members of the public are welcome to attend to attend meetings of the Parish Council and its Committees.

Item 4 – a period of 15 minutes will be set aside for the public statements and questions relating to the published non-confidential business of the Meeting.

It may be necessary to consider particular items in confidential session and where this arises, these items will be considered at the end of the agenda.


Minutes of the POLICY, RESOURCES and COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE virtual meeting held on Tuesday 19 January 2021 at 19.30 pm

Attendees: Parish Councillors: Frances Gaudencio, Ian Weir, Sue Hatton, Frank Rylance and Kate Bailey.

Other: Cllr David Bunting

Clerk:  Ian Cumberworth


Cllr Gaudencio (Chair) was unable to participate in the meeting fully due to technical issues therefore it was necessary for Cllr Weir to Chair the meeting. Attempts were made throughout the meeting to enable Cllr Gaudencio to join the virtual meeting but proved unsuccessful.



The Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th November 2020 as previously circulated were accepted by members as a true and fair record.

Due to Cllr Gaudencio not being able to join the virtual meeting and holding the original minutes the Clerk undertook to pass a copy to the acting Chair of the meeting Cllr Weir to sign retrospectively in accordance with members approval of the minutes.


There were no members of the public present.


20/32.1  Communication the Clerk advised Members that this Committee had previously commenced work on reviewing its induction pack for members. Due to the gap between Committee cycles it was determined to conclude this review via email between Policy Resources & Communications Committee members which have been retained to provide an audit trail. This review was concluded and members agreed the format and the proposed content which has subsequently been issued to all members. This matter is raised so that it can be formally recorded that this process has been completed by this committee and that this pack should be kept under review periodically by this Committee.

This action was duly noted by Members.

Members were informed that a number of press releases/Communications have been issued since the last Policy Resources & Communications Committee in November which have included:

Item regarding the Green Open Spaces (double page article) (Hassocks Life – December) drawing attention to work overseen by the Grounds & Environment Committee covering areas such as Adastra Park/Christmas lights/Hanging baskets and planters/Burial Grounds/Parklands Copse/Allotments and Talbot Field.

In addition an editorial item appeared in the January Hassocks Life regarding the planting of the tree in the Playground in remembrance of Pearl.

20/32.2  Business Plan A background paper had been distributed prior to this evenings meeting which had been drafted by Cllr Weir setting out a suggested format and content changes to the plan. Cllr Weir was invited to take Members through the paper setting out the suggested changes.

Cllr Weir shared his screen and Members were taken through each page in turn (via zoom), covering the proposed changes to the document and confirmed that the plan primarily remained unchanged with the exception of some minor modifications to provide greater clarity and focus. The key changes related to the final two pages of the document where the summary of actions had been prioritised over financial years covering the life of the plan and providing a summary of ongoing activities.

Members welcomed the revised format and presentation of the information. It was suggested that a traffic light system could be introduced to track the progress of work streams (E.g.  RED = (not progressed) AMBER = {in progress) GREEN = (Completed). Members were invited to comment on the proposed amendments.

Members were in agreement with the proposed changes and therefore RESOLVED to APPROVE the revised document which would constitute the final version of business plan.

20/32.3  Safeguarding Policy This item had been requested to be included on the agenda by Cllr Gaudencio who unfortunately was not able to participate fully in the committee meeting due to technical issues. It was therefore suggested this item be deferred for consideration at the next meeting so that it will enable Cllr Gaudencio to participate in the discussion. Members AGREED to defer this item over until the next meeting.

PRC20/33  Urgent Matters.  The Clerk drew members attention that due to an administrative oversight the confidential minutes generated from the meeting on the 11th November 2020 had not been incorporated into this agenda therefore they will be brought forward at the next meeting so that they can be formally agreed and signed off as true and accurate record by this committee.

PRC20/34  DATE OF NEXT MEETING.  2nd March 2021

PRC20/35       EXCLUSION OF PUBLIC AND PRESS In view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted Councillors will be referred to the confidential agenda. If any members of the public or press are present they will be requested to withdraw from the meeting.