Trees for Hassocks

The need to plant trees as one element of tackling the challenges of climate change has been well documented in the press over the last few months. Here in Hassocks we have had a specific initiative in place to plant more trees since 2009.

Since 2009, Hassocks Parish Council has funded the planting of 345 trees in the verges of the residential streets of Hassocks. This has also been generously supported by donations from a number of other organisations including the Hassocks Community Organisation, donations from residents via the collection tins around the village and personal donations from individuals.  2009 was the year when a small group of people decided to take forward the replacement of old trees and the introduction of new planting which was envisaged in the Parish Council’s ‘village design statement’ document of that  time. The group called itself ‘Trees for Hassocks’ and aims to do what it says on the tin! We do the following things:

  • We coordinate with funding organisations to secure funding where we can for ongoing planting and aim to supplement this with contributions to the Village Tree Fund (which is held by the Parish Council) from individual donations to the fund and money raised through the green collecting tins you’ll see at various businesses on the village high street.
  • We identify possible potential planting sites with local residents. We started initially with specific planting schemes aimed at certain streets and now find that we have got to the point of filling gaps in verges and replacing trees as they die.
  • We work with the highly skilled tree specialist at West Sussex County Council, Jim Mellor, who has a specific role to play in the next step, by assessing suggested planting sites (not all of which are suitable for a range of reasons) and coordinating the tree buying and planting work itself, which is undertaken by the Council during the winter months.
  • We then identify the residents’ choices of trees from a list of specified street trees and place the order for trees with the Council.

We also try to keep people informed of the planting work through the Talkabout and now on the Hassocks Uncovered Facebook page.

If you would like to make a donation to the Tree Fund please kindly contact the Parish Council. If you would like a tree planted in a verge outside your property then please contact Steve Richards on 01273 844757.

Thank you for your ongoing support in replacing and increasing our wonderful street trees here in Hassocks.

Penny Rome 01273 844100

Judith Foote

Steve Richards 01273 844757


May 2020