The Council would like to thank everyone who turned out for the extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on 31 October 2017.  The meeting was held to enable the Council to consider its response to the MSDC District Plan Main Modifications Consultation, in particular a proposal for an additional 500 houses in Hassocks.

Approximately 350 Members of the Public arrived to attend the meeting and it was of great disappointment to the Council that not everyone could be admitted into the Adastra Hall, however this was due to safety restrictions on numbers and therefore could not be altered.  Nevertheless, the strength of feeling amongst residents was clearly demonstrated and this was fully recognised by the Council.

At the meeting the Parish Council agreed a response to be submitted on its behalf in opposition to the proposed modifications.  Please click here to read the draft minutes of the meeting.

It is also of utmost importance that all concerned individuals take the opportunity to make representation to MSDC on the consultation proposals.  Further information on how to do this can be found here.