Hassocks Parish Council Community Grants Scheme 

Hassocks Parish Council is pleased to announce that it is now inviting applications for community grants for 2024/25. Projects must be achievable within a year and grants are for a maximum of £600 each.

Applications for 2024/25 will be considered in September 2024 and February 2025, with the deadline for submissions being 31 August 2024 for consideration at the Full Council meeting scheduled for September 2024 and 31 January 2025 for consideration at the Full Council meeting in February 2025.

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Grants Scheme Information

The Council has powers to give financial aid under various statutes, notably the Local Government Act 1972:

  • S137 in respect of expenditure for purposes not otherwise authorised, which are considered to be in the interests of, and bringing direct benefit to the area and its community

What do I need to know?

There is a limited budget each year for grants and the amounts requested can sometimes exceed the fund available. It is therefore important that all questions on the application form are answered as fully as possible to provide a detailed description of your proposed project/activity.

Once awarded the Council will require written confirmation of how the grant has been spent. This may include a report, photographs, copies of receipts etc. This must be provided by the end of the financial year.

When can I apply?

Applications will be considered twice yearly by Council in September and February.  Applications can be submitted at any time during the year for consideration in the next round.

What to consider when applying for a grant.

The Council supports voluntary and charitable organisations that provide services of direct benefit to the residents of the parish. The granting of funds will be considered in line with the aims and priorities set out within the Council’s Business Plan:

  • Our Neighbourhood Plan
  • Engaging with the Community
  • A great place to live, work and enjoy
  • A Parish for all
  • Connecting our village
  • Our staff and ourselves

Applications should consider:

  • The benefit to the local community
  • Increasing local peoples engagement and interest in local democracy
  • Promoting involvement in community life.
  • Bringing together people from different backgrounds.
  • Reducing inequalities.
  • Supporting individuals with disabilities.
  • Engaging young people in positive activities.
  • Supporting the needs of the elderly.

Who can apply?

Each award is considered as a ‘one off’ grant and are therefore limited .However, this should not deter groups from applying. Applications will be particularly welcome from:-

  • Voluntary groups/organisations that provide services to other people.
  • Voluntary groups/organisations that support disadvantaged people to access something they could not otherwise access.
  • Applications to purchase items that will be shared by many.
  • Different and innovative events or projects that benefit the community.


  • Grants will only be made to organisations (not individuals) with bank accounts.
  • Applications will not be considered from private organisations operated as a business to make a profit or surplus.
  • Applications from education, health or social services establishments will be considered where the organisation can demonstrate that it is working in partnership with other groups and where there are benefits to the wider community.
  • Only voluntary or not for profit organisations will be considered.
  • The organisation must provide, or propose to provide, an activity or service that is considered to be clearly needed by the local community or by a particular group of residents.
  • All applications must specify a specific item(s)/purpose to be funded.
  • No organisation will be allowed more than one application in any one financial year of the Council. (April 1st – March 31st)
  • Any money granted will be paid directly to the organisation and not to any individual or private bank account.
  • Once paid, the money must be used for the intended purpose and for no other unless so specifically approved by the Council.
  • Hassocks Parish Council reserves the right to reclaim the grant in the event of it not being used for the purpose specified on the application.
  • The recipient organisation should acknowledge Hassocks Parish Council as a funding source in any promotional matters.
  • The Grant budget will be determined in advance of the financial year and will not normally be exceeded.
  • All grant requests must be made on the appropriate form.

For any further information please contact the Parish Council Office on 01273 842714 or email info@hassocks-pc.gov.uk.

Ian Cumberworth
Parish Clerk