Hassocks and Keymer Traffic & Parking Scheme

As with any project, there are stages when little appears to be happening, and during the last year, despite lots of meetings and negotiations with Network Rail, Mid Sussex and West Sussex councils there has been little to report. However, that work is now beginning to bear fruit and each of the parties has agreed the next steps.

Network Rail has agreed to investigate ways of increasing Parking capacity at Hassocks Station, whilst Mid Sussex District Council has agreed to reline both Dale Avenue and Orion Car Parks to increase the number of spaces.

Most importantly, as it will have the greatest effect, West Sussex County Council have included the Hassocks Traffic and Parking Scheme in their Infrastructure Program for 2015-16 with the initial planning and research stages beginning later this year. A preliminary visit from WSCC Highway engineers took place back in March 2014 to enable them to meet the Parking Working Group and to familiarise themselves with the Hassocks area. In addition to the original recommendations they have agreed to include issues affecting the Lodge Lane and Keymer crossroads area.

This is a significant achievement for Hassocks, which now has a firm commitment from three large organisations that have huge demands from other communities on their resources.

Copies of the original Report and recommendations are available under the ARCHIVE NEWS tab on Hassocks Parish Council Website –

Ian Weir (Chair of Parking Working Group)




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